Welcome to the Toastmasters Prison program
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An old fashioned row of cells, which are seldom found today.
page for Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, home to more than a dozen prison Toastmasters programs in District 31.

We are a small but mighty group of volunteers who offer Toastmasters to incarcerated men and women in Massachusetts and Rhode Island state prisons.

Toastmasters is more than public speaking. Using a variety of manuals, Toastmasters is a systematic approach to overcome the fear of public speaking, and so much more. See below to understand all of the skills and attributes that Toastmasters cultivates.

"I didn't know how valuable my Toastmasters training was until I got out," said "Mike," a long-time Toastmaster. The goal is to increase the probability for post-prison success through self-development. Some 93 percent of all inmates will leave prison. Unfortunately, the likelihood of recidivism hovers around 50 to 60 percent.

Toastmasters develops:

Self-esteem and self-confidence
Goal setting
Leadership, helping others
Critical thinking
Planning, preparation and commitment
Writing and speaking
English use
Interview skills
The art of influencing others
Managing people and programs
Relationship building and networking
Awareness of body language and vocal variety
Enlarging your comfort zone
Time management skills

In prison settings, volunteers connect across lines of class, race and ethnicity to encourage incarcerated people who want to learn and change, and leave prison with a plan to never return. Find more information about Toastmasters International, with nearly 300,000 members in 122 countries and more than 13,000 clubs. Many volunteer have Toastmasters experience, but it is not required. Non-Toastmasters are encouraged to volunteer and learn through doing. Anyone can learn the Toastmasters program and share it with others.

Contact Susan dot Tordella at g mail dot com, 978-772-3930 for information about D31 prison volunteering in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, or how to start a prison Toastmasters program in your area.